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In order to help you better understand the roles and responsibilities of our internal Customer Service Department, please find the below information which should enable you to communicate with our company more efficiently.
In order to establish a new account, please provide us with the following:
· Copy of Resale Certificate
· Credit Information (at least 3 references)
· Email contact for billing information
· Email contact for individual(s) responsible for receiving acknowledgements
· Contact names and phone numbers for all of the above

Please find the roles and responsibilities for each of our customer service personnel:

Amy Osborne:
Processing sales orders, send orders out for shipment, communications with SDJ, office manager responsible for all customer service functions.
Inna Eliachova:
Finance Manager U.S. Responsible for initiating Factor Approval, Terms, Credit Memo Confirmation, Commissions, Invoices (NY OFFICE)
Tatiana Mustafina:
Direct Import Manager, responsible for order confirmation, shipment status, invoicing, telex releases in port of destination, container loadings. (SHANGHAI OFFICE)
Mars Zhao: Works with reps and dealers on container program. 
Christi Smith: replacements/damages/claims, and manages Hudson Bay account
Louise Hendrix: checks stock availability, provides status of orders, customer service (fielding reps/dealers phone calls, etc)
Zhonna-Tae: provides sales tools, customer service assistant (fielding reps/dealers phone calls, etc.)

We also would ask that you please note the following Email contacts, and make certain that your dealers have this information: 

Customer Service Department phone number: (336) 887-6150
General Customer Service Email: customerservice@curationslimited.com
Sales orders: order@curationslimited.com (Amy)
Claims/Damages/Replacements: claim@curationslimited.com (Christi)
Sales and Marketing Materials: salestools@curationslimited.com (Zhonna-Tae)

Finance: Inna Eliachova: New York Office - Toll Free-1-(888)-751-0507 ext. 3
Or Direct-(212)-971-1335 
Skype: finance.curations
Direct Import: Tatiana Mustafina: Shanghai Office Finance Manager
Skype: tatianamustafina 
Cell: +86 139-1621-3971
Direct Container Programs: Mars Zhao
Direct +86 18616372719
Office +86 21 33831197/98

In order to improve our internal efficiency’s, please note the following email contact info to be used for INTERNAL business ONLY:
Amy Osbourne: amy@curationslimited.com
Christi Smith: christi@curationslimited.com

We hope that this information is useful. Please let us know if we can help you better understand the flow of information.